The Search for Excalibur

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Lexi Smith is an orphan, 14 years old, unconventional and definitely a bit wacky.

She tries to get through life as best she can, although it’s not always easy when you’re a geek and a loner. If you’re regularly tormented and bullied as Lexi is, every day can be tough; but what happens when you’ve finally had enough?

One day Lexi is pushed too far and she snaps! That’s the day Lexi realises she has hidden powers. Powers that can and will change the world.

Not only does Lexi find out she’s a wizard, she soon discovers she is one of the most powerful wizards on earth. However, the discovery also uncovers a dark and sinister secret about her past.

Join Lexi in her adventures as she befriends another young wizard – Gregor McGregor – and is helped by a mysterious old man who lives in a remote Scottish castle. Together they explore their new magical world, battle with ghostly sea serpents, travel in time to witness the assassination of JFK, rescue Gregor’s mother from a sinister zombie inhabited castle in Svalbard and finally face a chilling death at the bottom of an icy sea

Along the way Lexi discovers that she is linked to legendary figures from the past and is the subject of an ancient prophecy; but there are others who want Lexi’s new powers and they will stop at nothing to get them.

The Search For Excalibur is the second novel by author Michael Stewart and is now available in paperback and on Kindle from Amazon.


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    • Hi Michael, thank you so much for your message 🙂 I’m still in the process of writing The Time Watcher and i’m hoping it will be out by Christmas. I will keep you and your son updated though! Kindest regards. Michael

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