The Angel of Time


AoT Bus StopA First World War Hero

George Putnam is the most unlikely First World War hero, especially as he was born in 1960.  After George’s encounter with Violet – a sweet old lady dying with cancer – and the sinister ghostly soldier who accompanied her, he suddenly finds himself back in war torn France in 1918, fighting for his life.

Wounded, but finally managing to escape the horrors of Flanders, George faces an arduous and hair raising journey through France, England and Scotland before he finally arrives home. He discovers that he is in fact married to the younger Violet, whom he has never met, and falls madly in love with her.

Happy at last, George then finds their whole existence is threatened again by a sinister figure intent on killing them both.

  • Why was George transported from 1984 to war torn Flanders in March 1918?
  • Who is the ghostly figure following George?
  • Who wants him dead and why?

A romantic, time travelling, historical drama with a real twist. Filled with accurate accounts of life in the trenches on the Western Front in 1918, you will be saddened, horrified and thrilled in equal measures as you share George’s amazing adventures.

If you like romance, if you like accurate historical drama, if you like time travel and if you are interested in the events of the First World War, this is a ‘must-read’ for you.



The Angel of Time

The Angel of Time, my debut novel is now available on Amazon. The story is dedicated to my Great Grandfather, William Puttnam who served in the Royal The Angel of Time CoverField Artillery through all of the great battles on the Western Front from August 1915 to March 1918 when he was eventually wounded on the Somme. And also to his hard working and loving wife, my great grandmother, Amy Louise, who single-handedly managed to bring up their six children during the war, including my Grandmother Violet.

The story of our own hero George, from his wounding at the Somme, his long and arduous evacuation across France, England and then onto Scotland before his eventual return home is based upon the true events as experienced by my Great Grandfather in 1918. Without the efforts of these good, honest, hard working people, and many others like them, I would not be here and this story would not have been told, so I owe them a great deal!