Out of Time

Do you believe in time travel? If not, this may just change your mind.

Out of Time CoverJames Cunnion’s peaceful existence as a librarian in the quiet county town of Bedford is shattered when he receives a mysterious message from the past that questions the reality of his life and his entire existence. Searching for answers from his own past, James suddenly finds himself back in war torn Britain in December 1944 facing a new and very dangerous reality.

James is enlisted as a member of an RAF bomber crew and is forced to face the horror of war in the skies over Nazi occupied Europe, an icy death in the English Channel and an execution at the hands of a crazed Gestapo officer.

He also finds love amidst the drama of war and finally discovers that the reality of life on our world isn’t quite what we think it is. Out of time follows on from the extraordinary success of The Angel of Time by Michael Stewart.

If you enjoy the thrill of historic war-time fiction coupled with a thought provoking twist, this one is a Must Read!

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